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Experienced Vancouver WA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle collided with a red car in the busy street of Vancouver.Motorcycle drivers are at least 20 times more likely to be killed in accidents than automobile drivers. For this reason, having one of our Vancouver WA motorcycle accident attorneys to help if you or a loved one is a victim of a motorcycle crash is vital.

Motorcycles are much more difficult for other drivers to see, especially at night or in rainy conditions. Because a rider is more exposed, injuries are often severe. The most common cause of motorcycle fatalities is a head injury, even though the risk of a head or brain injury is reduced by helmet use.

In many states, most motorcycle, moped, and scooter drivers must have a different class of driver’s license and special training to operate their vehicles safely. Even safe drivers can become victims of terrible accidents because of another person’s negligent driving or due to a defective product.

We Help Injured Riders and Families in Vancouver, WA, Recover Just Compensation

Although motorcycle riders may be more prone to suffering serious injuries in the event of a collision, this does not affect their legal rights under Washington law. If you were seriously injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, the simple fact that you were riding a motorcycle rather than sitting inside of a passenger vehicle will not impact your claim for compensation. The same is true if you lost a loved one in a fatal collision or other accident.

But, this does not mean that you won’t face challenges. There is a common perception that motorcycle riders are risk-takers and that, when a rider is seriously or fatally injured, the rider is most likely responsible for his or her own injuries. This perception influences insurance claims. And even if the evidence is clearly on your side, you may still find it extremely difficult to recover just compensation.

At D’Amore Law Group, our trusted Vancouver WA motorcycle accident lawyers can make sure you are not denied just compensation based upon flawed assumptions about motorcycle riders. We can conduct a thorough investigation to gather all relevant evidence, and we can present a clear argument for liability. If the liable party’s insurance company is willing to negotiate in good faith, we can seek to favorably resolve your case out of court. If it isn’t, we will go to trial to fight for the full financial compensation you and your family deserve.

Leading Causes of Serious and Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Man riding a motorcycle at a dangerous speed level.Similar to other types of accidents, serious and fatal accidents involving motorcycles can be caused by an extremely broad range of factors. While rider negligence is undeniably a contributing factor in some cases, in most cases, riders are injured and killed due to factors that are entirely beyond their control. Our attorneys handle cases involving all types of driver-related and non-driver-related causal factors, including:

  • Alcohol and drug-impaired driving (including driving under the influence of marijuana, sleep medications, and other legal and illegal drugs)
  • Distracted driving (including texting and emailing while driving, using social media and taking selfies behind the wheel, setting GPS directions, eating and drinking, smoking, and other forms of distraction)
  • Driver fatigue (which has been shown to cause impairment levels similar to alcohol intoxication)
  • Driving errors (including merging or shifting lanes without looking, turning in front of an approaching rider, running a red light or stop sign, tailgating, and failing to yield the right of way)
  • Reliance on self-driving vehicle technology (despite technological advancements, drivers are still required to remain in control of their vehicles at all times)
  • Motorcycle and component defects (including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) defects and after-market product defects)
  • Road and vehicle defects (including dangerous road design, faulty brakes, and other factors that can put motorcycle riders in harm’s way)
  • Employer negligence (companies that hire inexperienced drivers and that force drivers to exceed federal driving-hour limitations can be held directly liable for serious and fatal accidents, in addition to facing “vicarious liability” for their employees’ driving mistakes)

Product Liability and Defective Auto Parts

Many motorcycle riders enjoy adding upscale “after-market” products to their bikes. One D’Amore Law Group client added a defective part to his motorcycle, and as a result, one Sunday afternoon, a motorcycle ride turned tragic. A longtime Portland motorcycle rider, he purchased and professionally installed a new exhaust pipe made specifically for his type and model of bike. As he turned his bike into a curve, the pipe hit the pavement – throwing both the bike and rider across the pavement and down a cliff. The rider lost his leg above the knee. A thorough investigation proved the cause of the motorcycle accident: the design of the after-market exhaust pipe was defective. Personal injury attorney Tom D’Amore successfully secured recovery from the national company that manufactured the defective proContact duct.

Other Areas We Practice

As you can see from the case described above, some accidents involve different types of injury law. It is important to choose a law firm that has experience with a variety of cases. D’Amore Law Group practices the following areas (and more):

Free Consultation with Our Vancouver, WA Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Before signing any papers presented to you by insurance companies, seek advice from experienced legal counsel. The Vancouver WA motorcycle accident attorneys at D’Amore Law Group will thoroughly examine your case to ensure you pursue all available avenues of recovery. Otherwise, you could be signing away your legal rights and adequate compensation for your injuries and losses.

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