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Motorcycle drivers are at least 20 times more likely to be killed in accidents than automobile drivers.

Motorcycles are much more difficult for other drivers to see, especially at night or in rainy conditions. Because a rider is more exposed, injuries are often severe. The most common cause of motorcycle fatalities are head injuries, even though the risk of a head or brain injury is reduced by helmet use.

In many states, most motorcycle, moped and scooter drivers must have a different class of driver’s license and special training to operate their vehicles safely. Even safe drivers can become victims of terrible accidents because of another person’s negligent driving or due to a defective product.

Many motorcycle riders enjoy adding upscale “after-market” products to their bikes. One client of D’Amore Law Group added a defective part to his motorcycle, and as a result, one Sunday afternoon, a motorcycle ride turned tragic. A longtime Portland motorcycle rider, he purchased and professionally installed a new exhaust pipe made specifically for his type and model of bike. As he turned his bike into a curve, the pipe hit the pavement – throwing both the bike and rider across the pavement and down a cliff. The rider lost his leg above the knee. A thorough investigation proved the cause of the motorcycle accident: the design of the after-market exhaust pipe was defective. Portland Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Tom D’Amore successfully secured a recovery from the national company that manufactured the defective product.

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