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How long after an accident can I sue?

The length of time to bring a lawsuit after you have been injured, it’s called the ‘statute of limitations’, it varies from state to state. It’s very difficult to say exactly how long a person has to bring a claim. You need to hire a competent attorney that is well-versed and experienced, that knows when the statute of limitations on a case will run.

The statute of limitations or time limit to bring the claim is extremely important because if you don’t bring that claim within the time limit, your claim is forever barred and you can never bring that claim no matter how justified it was. It’s very important that your attorney and you know about the statute of limitations or the time limit. For us here at D’Amore Law Group, our goal is to get the claim and the case filed as early as possible. Don’t wait for the statute of limitations. Get the claim filed. Get the claim done if you can. If the other side’s not being reasonable then you have to file a lawsuit.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit where family members have sued on behalf of somebody who has died because of the wrongful conduct of another person, another entity. It’s the type of lawsuit that looks at a person’s life and loss of life. The jury, at some point, would calculate the amount of damages that the deceased had suffered, but also that the family suffered for the loss of that person.

If it was a breadwinner of the family, there would be a claim for future wage loss, and future earnings. If the person suffered a lot of medical expenses because of the wrongful conduct of somebody else, the family would seek the recovery or get reimbursed for those medical expenses. We represent many families that have suffered a wrongful death.

Can I sue my insurance company?

If your insurance company has acted in bad faith or improperly refuses to pay a claim, yes, you can sue your insurance company. Sometimes, that does happen and here at D’Amore Law Group, we handle a lot of those types of claims where the insurance company, for a variety of reasons, just decides that they’re not going to pay a claim, or they’re not going to pay a fair value on a claim.

I would recommend hiring an attorney early. Don’t wait until late in the process, because like every one of these claims, you have to a thorough investigation, you need to do an investigation early so that evidence doesn’t go away so that memories don’t fade. Any time you’re going to bring an insurance claim, I would recommend speaking to an attorney first, to make sure that you’re doing all the things that you need to do. Hire that attorney if they’re experienced in that area. It’s typically going to make your life easier for your bringing the claim. Also, it may increase the value of your claim to have expertise early on.

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is when somebody’s been injured in some way. It can run the gamut to an injury that is something that’s going to get better over a short period of time. It can be a death claim that, because of the negligence or because of the fault, somebody did something wrong, it caused an injury to another person. Under our system of justice, we want people to be compensated or reimbursed if somebody wrongfully injures them. One of the principal reasons is we want a society that is safe and if people understand that if you wrongfully injure somebody, you’re going to be responsible for their harm, the mindset is that we’re going to have a safer society. We represent people that have been injured by the fault of another, whether it’s another individual, a corporation, or any type of entity that is responsible for that injury.

How do I report elder abuse?

Elder abuse has become rampant in our society. One of the reasons is that Americans are just living longer and there are more elderly people who need help. Unfortunately, some people prey on the elderly because they are so vulnerable. So, sometimes folks will take advantage of the financial situation of the elderly — get access to their bank accounts, get access to their real property records. There are various types of elder abuse that can happen from a financial standpoint. But then there is also the type of elder abuse where they are either sexually abused, physically abused, or emotionally abused. Here at D’Amore Law Group, we help and assist elderly folks in dealing with those situations.

How do I sue an insurance company?

If your insurance company refuses to pay on a claim that they have to pay or they’re required to pay under the law, sometimes you have to sue them. You can bring a lawsuit directly against your insurance company to force them to pay the benefits that they’re required to pay. You, as a policyholder, have paid premiums for the event that something bad happens. When the insurance company refuses to pay when they owe on a claim, it’s considered a bad faith insurance practice. You need to have an attorney that is experienced in bringing lawsuits against insurance companies.


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