How do I fill out a DMV accident report?

So when filling out a DMV report, you have to be careful about how you fill it out. We have DMV reports at our office that we give to the client to fill out if they have not already filled one out. We like to speak to the client about the report, things that need to be in the report, because sometimes clients will say things in a report that they think are completely insignificant and an insurance company or the at-fault driver may use that against them.

What are the federal motor carrier safety regulations?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are the regulations that all interstate and within state – so truckers that aren’t just within your state, but truckers that go from state to state – they are subject to those regulations. And they’re regulations that talk about time requirements, you can’t go over a certain amount of hours per day, you have to rest for a certain amount of time when you do make a stop. And, unfortunately, some trucking companies push their truckers so hard that they’re violating those standards, truckers are falling asleep while on the road and they’re not paying attention, and a lot of it has to do with fatigue. And so a personal injury attorney should be well versed in those federal regulations.

How to find a good personal injury attorney?

You find a good personal injury lawyer by doing your research and doing some investigation or have a family member do it for you. You need to find out the qualifications and the experience level and the integrity level of a prospective personal injury lawyer, and you should look for all of those things. One way is to get on the internet and look at websites of lawyers. Another way is to talk to other lawyers or talk to other friends, family members that have hired a lawyer before. A lot of times our clients have never even talked to a lawyer before, and so it’s very important that they do that investigation. And lastly, and maybe the most important thing, is make sure that that lawyer is somebody that you can work with, that you feel comfortable with, that you have confidence in.

How do I find a truck accident attorney?

When you’re interviewing the attorney – and you should interview the attorney before you hire them – you ask them, “How much experience have you had with truck accidents? Is that something that’s a big part of your practice? Do you specialize in truck accidents?” Because truck accidents are very much different than what we call a standard brand automobile accident case. Most truckers are subject to federal laws, and so it’s not just a state law situation. So that attorney has to be well versed in the federal laws or federal regulations with respect to trucking accidents. And they just have to have that experience and have done it many, many times before. And that’s the kind of thing that you should be looking for in a truck accident attorney.

What does a personal injury attorney do?

What does a personal injury attorney do? We represent people who have been seriously injured, have lost their jobs, and can’t afford to pay their medical bills. That’s what we do. We interview you, witnesses, expert witnesses, medical providers, and conduct research to present your case in the best light to maximize the recovery for you. In addition to your attorney, it’s important for you to bring the expertise of other people to the case. You’ve got to bring experts at accident reconstruction. You’ve got to bring experts with human factors, and that means studying the way humans react to certain things. The medical professionals are critical. You need to bring those types of experts to the case. And so you gather all of this information from these various different experts and, from that, the personal injury attorney puts together the case, the case that will eventually go to trial, or the case that is made to present to the insurance company to settle the case.

What is considered medical malpractice versus risk of procedure?

We often in medical malpractice cases get a lot of calls, a lot of inquiries from clients to say, “Hey, do we have a medical malpractice case here?” or “We think we have” or “We believe we have a medical malpractice case.” But there’s a big distinction between actual medical malpractice versus the risk of a procedure because certain procedures just simply have risks, and if one of those bad things happen, the medical provider is not necessarily negligent or hasn’t committed medical malpractice. The standard is has the medical provider violated the standard of care. There’s a certain standard of care that medical providers are supposed to work under, and if for some reason they went outside the standard of care, then that would be medical malpractice

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