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What should I do after a car or bike accident?

So after an automobile-bike collision, it’s important that the investigation process starts right away. It’s important to find out all the insurance companies that are involved, gather all that information. Of course, the client needs to get the appropriate medical care because often these bicycle injuries are devastating injuries. But a thing that people miss is that bicycle riders can rely on their own auto policy in a lot of cases. So if the bicycle rider has an auto policy too, you need to contact your insurance company because part of what you pay in your premiums is to cover you when you’re on a bicycle, even though it’s an auto policy.

What is financial exploitation?

Financial exploitation involves an individual taking advantage of, for instance, an elderly person, getting access to their medical information, to their financial information, to their property that they own. Unfortunately, some folks have taken advantage of the elderly in this way, got access to their bank accounts, cleared out their bank accounts, got access to their real property records and actually transferred the property from the elderly person to themselves.

There’s a vast amount of financial exploitation of the elderly that’s going on. It’s not just individuals that are professional thieves, it’s a lot of times family members that have taken advantage of their financial situation. We at D’Amore Law Group handle those types of cases to try and help the elderly person that’s been exploited.

How do I find a bicycle accident attorney?

What does somebody look for in a bicycle injury lawyer? In the state of Oregon, and Portland, in particular, it seems everybody rides their bike and it’s not just for recreational purposes. A lot of people rely on their bike to get to work, to and from every day. It’s important to know that you’re unprotected when you’re on a bicycle and so the injuries that we see from bicycle injury cases, they’re just devastating. So it’s important that an attorney be familiar with the bicycle laws within the state. It’s important that the attorney knows what the automobile laws are within the state and what protections automobile drivers need to take for bicycle riders. And so it’s a very important area and an area where we have a lot of knowledge.

What constitutes elder abuse?

Elder abuse is anytime somebody takes advantage of an elderly person in an improper manner. In other words, if a person is in a nursing home and they are not cared for properly or they’re physically abused, or sexually abused, or emotionally abused. A lot of times, elderly are vulnerable and really want help. Unfortunately, there are people out there that prey on the elderly.

That can also get into financial issues where they take advantage of the person and then get access to their bank accounts, to their investment accounts, to their real property records. Sometimes, we have to get the criminal authorities involved in order to deal with a criminal act. We at D’Amore Law Group handle those types of case to try and help the elderly person that’s been exploited.

What should I do after a hit and run accident?

Hit and run accidents are the type of accidents where, if you can get your attorney involved and the investigators involved right away, you need to do that. There’s something called uninsured motorist coverage that virtually everybody has, and if for some reason that hit and run driver, you never find them, your insurance policy probably covers you for uninsured or somebody that did leave the scene. So it’s very important that you get investigators out right away, you start taking statements from witnesses right away because a lot of times witnesses go away or can’t be found in the future. So if you get involved in those cases or get an attorney involved in those cases early on, you’re going to be better off.

How do I fill out a DMV accident report?

So when filling out a DMV report, you have to be careful about how you fill it out. We have DMV reports at our office that we give to the client to fill out if they have not already filled one out. We like to speak to the client about the report, things that need to be in the report, because sometimes clients will say things in a report that they think are completely insignificant and an insurance company or the at-fault driver may use that against them.


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