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Defective products are to blame for countless accidents every year. From defective vehicle components such as brakes and airbags to dangerous medical devices, all types of products have the potential to be defective, and all types of defective products have the potential to cause serious and fatal injuries.

A product is considered defective if it is unsafe to be used as it is intended. This can result from a design defect, a defect caused by a manufacturing flaw, or a failure to provide adequate warnings to unsuspecting consumers on the product’s packaging. Under the product liability laws of Oregon and Washington, product designers, manufacturers, and sellers are “strictly liable” for product defects. This means that victims and their families do not need to prove negligence in order to file a successful claim for compensation.

Seek help from the Portland product liability lawyers at D’Amore Law Group for cases involving automotive defects, dangerous medical devices, and other defective products throughout Oregon and Washington. Contact us today.

Our Product Liability Lawyers with Decades of Experience in Settlement Negotiations and Litigation

The Portland product liability attorneys at D’Amore Law Group have experience securing just compensation on behalf of individuals and families who have suffered losses due to product defects. We represent clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, and we handle cases against companies of all sizes that are located across the country. Product liability cases are complicated, and securing just compensation through a settlement or court judgment requires experienced legal representation. Our attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and determination required to help you and your family recover.

If you need a product liability lawyer in Oregon or Washington, here is what you need to know about the legal team at D’Amore Law Group:

1. We Are a Highly Skilled Team of Professionals

Our firm is comprised of highly skilled, compassionate individuals who are committed to fighting for our clients. Commitment and leadership are two of our core values, and we take pride in using our knowledge and abilities to seek justice for individuals and families who deserve financial compensation for injuries and medical complications caused by dangerous and defective products.

2. Our Case Results Have Been Featured by News Outlets across Oregon and Washington

Our Portland product liability lawyers have secured favorable results in several high-profile cases that have been covered by media outlets throughout Oregon and Washington. We are recognized for our results, and the founding attorney, Tom D’Amore, is widely recognized as an authority in personal injury and wrongful death law in the Pacific Northwest.

3. We Have Achieved Life-Changing Results for Our Clients

Suffering a severe traumatic injury or losing a loved one unexpectedly can be a life-changing experience. But, so can recovering just compensation for your losses. We have successfully resolved numerous cases for clients who truly had nowhere else to turn. In the words of one of our clients, “The lawyers and staff at D’Amore Law Group were able to help me when no one else could.”

4. Our Practice Focuses Exclusively on Representing Victims and Their Families

Our practice focuses exclusively on representing clients who have suffered substantial losses due to serious traumatic injuries and wrongful death. We believe in fighting for our clients, and we are 100% devoted to making sure our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve.

5. We Do Not Charge Any Fees or Costs Unless We Win

When you choose our legal team for your product liability case in Oregon or Washington, you will pay nothing unless we win. We will cover the costs of pursuing your claim (which can be significant in product liability cases), and we will only recoup these costs if we negotiate a settlement or secure a court judgment on your behalf.

We Handle Cases Involving Dangerous and Defective Products

Our Portland product liability attorneys handle cases involving many dangerous and defective products. We also handle negligence-based claims in cases when there is not sufficient evidence to support an argument for strict liability. As a result, regardless of the specific circumstances involved, if you or your child has been seriously injured in an accident involving product failure, if you or a loved one has experienced a severe complication involving a medical device, or if you have lost a loved one in an accident that you believe could have been avoided, we encourage you to contact us so that we can investigate and provide a thorough assessment of your legal rights.

We represent clients in cases involving dangerous and defective products including:

  • Automotive defects and defective vehicle components
  • Medical devices and surgical implants
  • E-cigarettes and vaping products
  • Bicycles, climbing, and trekking gear, and other outdoor recreational equipment
  • Playground equipment and children’s toys
  • Home and personal electronics, including appliances, smart devices, “hoverboards,” and wearable electronics
  • Household cleaners and chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals and products
  • Power tools, hand tools, and heavy machinery
  • Construction materials, including electrical wiring and materials that produce noxious fumes and particulates

Product Liability Practice Spotlight: Automotive Defects

Automotive defects present extreme risks for drivers and passengers. We expect our vehicles to get us where we need to go safely, and we rarely think about the risk that a defect could cause a serious or fatal collision. Yet, automotive defects are alarmingly common, and in recent years major auto manufacturers have issued several substantial safety recalls covering millions upon millions of vehicles.

While some automotive defects cause crashes, others (such as airbag defects) increase occupants’ risk of injury in collisions caused by other factors. In either scenario, injured drivers, passengers, and their families deserve to be fully compensated by the companies that are responsible for their losses. This includes losses resulting from dangerous and defective:

  • Accelerators (gas pedals)
  • Airbags
  • Brakes
  • Cargo straps, ties, and other commercial truck components
  • Electrical systems and components
  • Engines and transmissions
  • Safety belts and child seats
  • Self-driving and autonomous vehicle technology
  • Wheels, tires, and drivetrains

Due to the number of potential factors involved in vehicle collisions, it is imperative to identify the specific factor (or factors) involved. If an insurance company or vehicle manufacturer is not clearly convinced that it is liable, it isn’t going to pay. With our attorneys’ experience in product liability cases and vehicle collision cases involving negligent drivers’ auto insurance, we can make sure that all of the liable parties are held accountable for your accident-related losses.

Product Liability Practice Spotlight: Defective Medical Devices

Despite the FDA approval process, dangerous and defective medical devices still can – and do – end up in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices throughout Oregon and Washington. This includes both external and surgically implanted devices. If you or a loved one has experienced complications following the use or implantation of a medical device of any kind, we encourage you to seek medical and legal help right away.

Similar to other types of products, all types of medical devices have the potential to be defective. Our Portland defective medical devices attorneys handle defective medical device cases involving defective medical devices including:

  • Birth control devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Dialysis machines
  • Heart valves and pacemakers
  • Hip and knee replacements and implants
  • Inferior vena cava (IVC) blood clot filters
  • Insulin pumps
  • Shoulder pain pumps
  • Surgical implants (including transvaginal mesh)
  • Surgical tools and robots

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and if you believe that you or a loved one may have been harmed by any kind of medical device, we encourage you to get in touch. We can determine whether a defective medical device is to blame or whether you may have a different cause of action (i.e. a claim for medical negligence) to secure a financial recovery.

Keep the Product and Its Packaging (If You Have It) and Contact Us So That We Can Investigate as Soon as Possible

Dental equipments in a dental clinic.In product liability cases, it is important to try to preserve as much evidence as possible. This means that you should keep the product packaging (if you still have it), and you should keep the damaged product if it was yours. If you or a family member has been harmed by a defective medical device, you should also keep any related medical records you may have.

However, many product liability cases involve defective products that are owned by someone else. If you were injured in an auto accident, if your child was injured on a playground, or if your case involves any other product that belongs to a third party, then it is particularly important that we are able to conduct an investigation as soon as possible so that we can preserve key evidence in support of your claim. You can reach us by phone, text, or email 24/7, and our lawyers can initiate an investigation immediately, if necessary, to protect your claim.

Speak with a Portland Product Liability Attorney at D’Amore Law Group

If you have questions about your legal rights after an accident involving a dangerous product of any kind, we encourage you to get in touch. To speak with a product liability attorney at one of our offices in Oregon or Washington, please call or request a free consultation online today.

Our Portland product liability lawyer handle cases involving defective vehicles, medical devices, and other products. Call now.

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