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Oregon Medication Errors Attorneys

At least 1.5 million Americans are injured or killed each year by negligence in prescribing and dispensing medications, according to the Consumer’s Medical Journal.

Prescription errors are a common medical mistake, and they can cause serious injury or death.  Medication errors can occur because of physician’s error, or due to an error by pharmacies when they dispense the medication and include:

  • Inappropriate medication. When the wrong drug is prescribed for a disease or condition, a patient can suffer both the side effects of the incorrect medication and the effects of not receiving the proper medication.
  • Wrong medication. Sometimes a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage dispensed from the pharmacy or hospital – despite the doctor prescribing the correct one.
  • Drug name mix-ups. Several prescription medications have similar-sounding names. The physician and pharmacist need to be vigilant about ensuring they are not negligent in prescribing or dispensing the wrong medication.
  • Dangerous drug combinations. There are numerous types of medications that should not be mixed because of life-threatening or fatal side effects or cross-reactions when combined.
  • Allergic reaction to medication. Patients aren’t usually made aware of all of the ingredients in a particular drug. When a patient is erroneously given a prescription that contains a known allergen, the result can be fatal.
  • Overdose or underdose. Overdosing and underdosing prescription medications can have similarly dire consequences. In addition to ensuring that they prescribe and fill prescriptions with the correct medications, physicians, physician assistants, and pharmacists must also ensure that they are providing patients with the appropriate dosage.
  • Inadequate patient monitoring. Patients who receive anesthetics and various other types of medications must be carefully monitored for potential side effects. Failure to adequately monitor patients who are under the effects of anesthesia and other prescription drugs is a common causal factor for serious complications.
  • Failure to warn. When medications present risks for side effects or other complications, health care providers must inform patients of the potential risks involved. Failure to discuss risks, medication labeling errors, and other mistakes can all-cause patients to unknowingly put themselves in danger of experiencing serious (and potentially fatal) complications.

Seeking Financial Compensation for Medication Errors in Oregon and Washington

In order to recover financial compensation for a medication error in Oregon or Washington, it is necessary to demonstrate that the error was the result of someone’s negligence. While many medical errors are indicative of negligence, in some cases, a doctor’s decision to prescribe a particular medication may satisfy his or her professional duty of care, even if the decision ultimately proves to be harmful to the patient.

At D’Amore Law Group, we are experienced in representing clients in cases involving medication errors under Oregon and Washington law, and we work with medical experts who can help dissect the relevant duty of care to determine whether our clients are entitled to compensation. Due to the potentially severe consequences of medication errors, we encourage you to contact us promptly if you have any reason to be concerned. Our Oregon medication errors attorneys can investigate your claim, and we can seek just compensation on your behalf if your medication error was the result of negligence such as:

  • Failing to review your medical history
  • Failing to ask about your current medications or drug allergies
  • Failing to discuss potential side effects of a prescribed medication
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage
  • Filling a prescription with the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage
  • Administering the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage during a doctor’s visit or inpatient care
  • Failing to adequately monitor your vital signs while under the effect of anesthesia or another prescription medication
  • Mixing up your prescription with that of another patient
  • Applying the wrong label to your prescription vial or bottle

Was your medication error the result of medical negligence? If so, how much are you entitled to recover for your losses? To find out, schedule a free initial consultation with our trusted Oregon medication errors lawyers today.

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