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What information should I get if I get into a car accident?

When you’re involved in a car accident, you need to gather some information at the time that it occurs. You should always get the contact information of everybody that’s been involved in the collision, the person that hits you. If there were multiple cars involved in a car accident, you have to get their information. You also have to get their insurance information, the name of their insurance company and their policy number.If there are witnesses, you need to get the names and phone numbers of all the witnesses that observed what went on. There’s a lot of gathering information that you should do. Sometimes, it’s difficult. If you’ve been injured in that accident or seriously injured, you’re not going to be able to gather that information right away. You need to make sure you contact an attorney or a family member and let them know what has happened so that they can do the investigation.

What does it mean to file an insurance claim?

When you have been injured or a family member has been injured in some sort of incident, some sort of collision, accident, the first thing that is generally done is an insurance claim is filed. And what that means is that the insurance company is contacted and told that there has been an incident either your insured person caused an injury or you’re contacting your own company to let them know that you’re making a claim. That’s the majority of what we do, is that somebody who has been injured because of the fault of somebody else and then an insurance claim has to be made. If the insurance claim or the insurance company is not addressing it properly or refuses to pay a fair amount for the damage that’s been done, then we file a lawsuit and the lawsuit process will begin. But the important thing is to file your insurance claims early and do the investigation early. And that’s what we do.

When should I hire an attorney after a car accident?

When you’ve been involved in a car accident or a family member has been involved in a car accident where they’ve been injured, you should talk to a lawyer. A lawyer is going to be able to help you go through the process, deal with insurance companies, deal with medical personnel. Maybe even advise you on the type of medical personnel that you might want to talk to.

Here at D’Amore Law group, we represent many victims that have been seriously injured in car accidents. One of the things that we try and do is get involved in the case early, so we can help out the client, whether it’s financial issues, help them with their medical issues, and just help them through the process. A lot of times people have lost their ability to earn an income because of their injury, and those are the things we focus on here at D’Amore Law group.

What should I do if I’ve been sexually abused?

If you’ve been sexually abused, the first thing that you need to do is contact the police and fill out a police report. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of sexual abuse that’s going on in institutions, whether it be hospitals, nursing homes, or on the job that doesn’t get reported. A lot of hospitals and nursing homes, they believe that it would be a black eye on their institution to report sexual abuse, so they tend to cover up sexual abuse when it happens because they’re more concerned about their reputation than the person that’s actually been sexually abused. We represent victims that have been sexually abused both against the individual that did the abuse, but also against the institutions that are either allowed for the abuse or covered it up afterward.

Who can file a wrongful death suit?

The person that can file a wrongful death suit is generally a family member of the person that has been wrongfully killed or wrongfully died. It could be an attorney, it could be somebody else, but generally, it’s a family member that was close to the person who’s passed away. Wrongful death suits are very traumatic, obviously, because somebody has lost their life. You’re bringing a claim against the person or entity that has caused the death. So you really want someone that’s got some financial experience, but also knows the family and the person that has died very well. We at D’Amore Law Group handle many wrongful death cases on behalf of families.

How do I report nursing home abuse?

Well, the first thing you would do to report nursing home abuse is contacting your state agency. Your state agency would initiate an investigation and those investigators are permitted and have to be allowed into the facility if it has been nursing home abuse. You should also hire an attorney. The attorney can help the family members go through this process of submitting a formal complaint to the nursing home and to the state agency. And so, get an attorney involved right away, file the complaints right away, and allow your attorney to help you through the process.


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