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Vancouver, WA Product Liability Lawyers

Experienced Vancouver, WA Product Liability Attorneys for Defective Product Claims

A client having a good agreement with his lawyer about a product liability case in Vancouver, WA.Living in Vancouver, WA, you use countless products in your everyday life. From driving your car to talking on your phone, and from relaxing at home to playing with your children, almost everything you do involves a product (and probably multiple products) in one way or another. Vancouver is a great place to live; but, no matter where you live, there are certain risks that you simply cannot avoid.

If you have been injured by a defective product, or if your spouse or child has been injured by a defective product in Vancouver, recovering just compensation for your losses will involve filing a “product liability” claim. Our experienced Vancouver, WA product liability lawyers handle product liability claims on behalf of individuals and families throughout Washington. With offices in Vancouver, we are available to speak with you over the phone or in person whenever is convenient for you.

Were You (or a Member of Your Family) Injured by a Dangerous or Defective Product in Vancouver, WA?

Product liability notes in Vancouver, WA.When a product causes an injury, it is not always easy to determine whether the product was defective. Some products must be used appropriately in order to avoid injuries, and human error is certainly a factor in some product-related accidents. For example, if a person is speeding and is unable to stop in time to avoid a collision, this will not necessarily point to a brake failure. Likewise, if someone is being careless while using a hand tool or power tool, when an accident occurs, the tool might not be to blame.

But, many product-related accidents are caused by product defects. If a product is unsafe for its intended use, or if a product’s packaging does not provide adequate warnings with regard to the risks that the product entails, then an accident may give rise to a claim for product liability. In Washington, the keys to proving a product liability claim are:

  • The Product Was “Not Reasonably Safe” – Under Washington’s product liability law, a claim arises when a product is, “not reasonably safe as designed or not reasonably safe because adequate warnings or instructions were not provided,” or “the product was not reasonably safe in construction or not reasonably safe because it did not conform to the manufacturer’s . . . warranties.”
  • The Product Defect Caused Your (or Your Loved One’s) Accident – In order to recover financial compensation, you must be able to prove that the defect caused your (or your loved one’s) accident. This is determined based on the specific facts involved, and your attorney will need to gather evidence in order to prove your claim for damages.
  • The Accident Resulted in an Injury – In addition to proving that the defect caused the accident, you must also prove that the accident resulted in your (or your loved one’s) injury. You must also be able to prove the losses (both financial and non-financial) that (i) you have incurred through the date of your claim, and (ii) you are reasonably likely to incur in the future.
  • The Manufacturer or Seller Is Liable – In Washington, different standards of liability can apply in product defect cases, depending on the circumstances involved. For example, while the law imposes “strict liability” for manufacturing defects (meaning that proof of negligence is not required), design and warning defect claims are subject to a negligence standard.

In order to recover your losses after a product-related accident, you need to engage a law firm promptly. There are several challenging steps involved in the process, and you need to make sure you are relying on the advice and representation of experienced Vancouver, WA product liability attorneys every step of the way.

Put a Team of Experienced Vancouver, WA Product Liability Lawyers on Your Side

Conversation with an attorney in Vancouver, WA.At D’Amore Law Group, our team of Vancouver, WA, product liability lawyers brings decades of experience in helping individuals and families recover just compensation after product-related accidents. From automotive defects to defective children’s toys and furniture, we handle all types of product defect claims against local and national manufacturers and retailers. If you have a claim, we can explain everything you need to know, and our Vancouver, WA product liability attorneys will use their in-depth knowledge of Washington’s product liability laws to seek maximum compensation for your losses.

Our experienced legal team also represent individuals in cases involving all types of serious accident-related injuries. We routinely represent clients in Vancouver, WA who have been injured due to:

When seeking financial compensation after an accident, it is important that you not wait any longer than necessary. To get started with a free, no-obligation consultation at D’Amore Law Group, call or tell us about your case online today.


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