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Common Defense Strategies in Commercial Truck Accident Claims (and How to Overcome Them)

When you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim following a commercial truck accident, you can expect the trucking...

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When Can an Insurance Company Deny Coverage for Personal Injury or Property Damage?

While insurance provides a safety net in many circumstances, auto and homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover everything. In fact,...

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Drunk Driving in Oregon and Washington?

Drunk driving is extremely dangerous. It is also illegal. And in Oregon and Washington, drunk drivers can face severe penalties...

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What Are My Options If the Insurance Company Won’t Pay?

When you file an insurance claim, you expect the process to be frustrating, but you also expect to eventually receive...

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D’Amore Law Group Obtains Personal Injury Jury Verdict of $26.4 Million Against Trucking Companies and Drivers for Negligence and Reckless Driving in Fatal Crash

(PORTLAND, ORE. – June 3, 2019) – Tom D’Amore, Managing Partner and owner of D’Amore Law Group, is pleased to...

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What Are Your Legal Rights as a Victim of Sexual Abuse in Oregon or Washington?

For individuals who are victims of sexual abuse, understanding the law and how civil and criminal cases differ is an...

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What Are Some of the Most Common Safety Violations That Result in Commercial Truck Accidents?

Commercial trucking is a regulated industry in the United States. Truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to a bevy...

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How Common Are Construction Accidents in Oregon and Washington?

Working in construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Each year, hundreds of construction workers are...

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Can Companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash Be Held Liable for Their Drivers’ Auto Accidents?

Companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash are changing the way that many people live their lives. Instead of owning and...

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When Does a Payment Delay or Denial Amount to Insurance Bad Faith?

When you get injured or your vehicle, home, or property gets damaged due to forces beyond your control, filing an...

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