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Young Woman’s MySpace Page Subpoenaed in Car Accident Lawsuit

-Arlington, Washington- A young woman’s life changed forever in a split second, when she was involved in a horrific car accident.

She was on her way to work when another driver in an oncoming vehicle crossed the center-line striking her.  She is now in a nursing home because she cannot talk or take care of herself.

Her family has now filed a lawsuit not only against the other driver, but Chrysler, the maker of their daughter’s Dodge Spirit.  They are claiming that her injuries were partially due to a design flaw.

However, Chrysler denied the claim and have now turned their attention to the young woman.  The lawyers representing the Chrysler Company have issued a subpoena to obtain a court order to get full access to her MySpace page, which include her private blogs and personal thoughts.

The young woman’s MySpace page does have admissions to having smoke marijuana and being drunk in the past.  But despite that, the family’s attorney states there is no evidence that she had anything to drink the night of the car accident.

A Chrysler spokesperson agrees that the car accident is tragic, however believes that information on her MySpace could lead to relevant evidence.   

The family’s attorney says that she may ask the court for a protective order to keep Chrysler out of the young woman’s Mspace account, and feels, that Chrysler is now just trying to dig up some dirt on a young woman that is incapable of defending herself.

However, it is unlikely that the woman will be able to prevent the dirt from coming out in the lawsuit.  The above is a good lesson for all.  If you are going to create a MySpace page, you should assume that the information that you put in your MySpace page will become public if you ever get involved in litigation, decide to run for public office, and many other contexts.  You should not include anything that you would not want your mother to see.

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