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Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery

D’Amore Law Group has represented patients who have suffered terrible and permanent results from sinus surgery. If you have suffered as a result of sinus surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sinus surgery may be dubbed a “simple, outpatient procedure,” and people suffering from chronic allergies or sinus infections are opting to undergo outpatient sinus surgery in record numbers.  Though it is labeled in many advertisements and on Internet sites as “minimally invasive,” this procedure can cause blindness, paralysis, and even pierce the skull bone.

Powerful drill-like medical devices are used in contemporary surgical procedures.  The small burr-tipped knives are powerful, and within seconds, can cut through the sinus cavity, severing nerves causing paralysis – or (as in the case of one client) can cut through skull bone in an instant.

D’Amore Law Group represented a patient who was permanently injured when the medical drill bored through the sinus cavity and into the optic cavity. When the surgeon realized his error, he yanked out the drill, cutting through the nerves and muscles that allow the eye to move up and down and back and forth.

Though in many cases the doctor may admit fault, D’Amore Law Group knows that the insurance company will do whatever they can to protect the doctor’s record rather than compensate victims for their loss. Before you sign anything given to you by an insurance company, call the firm for an evaluation of your case.

Sample Case Results Obtained for Patients Harmed during Sinus Surgery

Confidential settlement on behalf of a woman who sustained serious eye damage and was disabled as a result of nerves severed by tiny, high-powered surgical blades used in the surgery.

Confidential settlement on behalf of a man whose eye muscle was erroneously cut during a routine eye surgery, leaving him with eyes permanently crossed and unable to read, drive or work.

Potential Complications Resulting from Medical Malpractice during Sinus Surgery

As demonstrated by the cases discussed above, medical malpractice during sinus surgery can cause a variety of serious, and potentially life-altering, complications. Our attorneys represent clients who have experienced serious injuries due to all types of mistakes – from failure to discuss the potential risks to cutting through nerves, muscle tissue, and bone beyond the sinus cavity. Examples of the types of injuries that can justify claims for medical malpractice arising out of botched sinus surgeries include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Damage to nerves or muscle tissue in the face, including the eye muscles
  • Damage to sensory organs
  • Leaking of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Post-surgical bacterial infections
  • Anesthesia and other medication errors

Sinus Surgery, Medical Malpractice, and Informed Consent

Prior to performing sinus surgery, doctors and hospitals will almost invariably require patients to sign an “informed consent” form. In fact, in many cases, patients will be asked to sign these forms before being informed about the risks involved with their procedures – if they are ever informed of the risks at all. If you signed an informed consent form (or if you think you may have signed an informed consent form), what does this mean for your ability to pursue a claim for medical malpractice?

When you provide your “informed consent” (regardless of whether or not you were truly informed), you are consenting to undergo your procedure aware of the potential medical risks involved. For example, with sinus surgery, one of the primary risks is that the surgery will not be effective. Some patients may also experience severe bleeding that could ultimately require a blood transfusion, and a small percentage of patients will experience a reduction in the strength of their sense of smell.

However, you are not consenting to the risks of medical negligence. If this were the case, then almost no patient would ever have a claim for medical malpractice. So, if you signed an informed consent form prior to undergoing sinus surgery, you should not view this as an impediment to filing a claim for compensation. Furthermore, if you do not believe you received the information you needed to make an informed decision about your procedure, then the failure to provide this information may itself provide grounds to pursue a financial recovery. Our attorneys can review your medical records to identify all potential grounds for pursuing just compensation.

Let Us Help You Assert Your Legal Rights

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your sinus surgery, if you have suffered an injury or other serious complication, you owe it to yourself to seek professional help. To learn more about your legal rights in Oregon or Washington, contact us today.

Speak with an Oregon or Washington Medical Malpractice Lawyer at D’Amore Law Group

Do you have a medical malpractice claim as a result of a mistake made during your sinus surgery? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at D’Amore Law Group to find out. You can reach us by phone or online 24/7, so call or text 503-222-6333 or request an appointment online now.


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