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San Joaquin Truck Accident Lawyer

San Joaquin Truck Accident LawyerSan Joaquin may be small in size but plays an important role in the state economy through its contribution of agricultural products. The area also provides centralized transportation routes for goods moving across the state along Interstate 5 and State Routes 99, 33, 180, 41, and 145. 

The San Joaquin Valley contributes over half of the state’s agricultural output, which is a lot considering California accounts for 12.5% of all United States agricultural production. That means there are plenty of large trucks passing through San Joaquin and a lot of opportunities for accidents to occur. If you have been in an accident with a large commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A San Joaquin truck accident attorney can help you determine if you have a case and the best legal strategy to help you move forward. Don’t hesitate to contact D’Amore Law Group today.

Types of Trucking Accidents in San Joaquin

Unfortunately, most trucking accidents result in severe injuries. Just based on size alone, trucks have the ability to cause a lot of damage to passenger vehicles. The severity of the damage often depends on the speed of the vehicles and the angle of the collision. There are a handful of accident types that are specific to trucks because of their weight, height, and the mechanics of pulling a trailer and various forms of cargo. 


When a trailer moves faster than the tractor (truck) that is pulling it, the trailer may swing forward around and toward the front of the vehicle. This can happen for a number of reasons, including an unbalanced cargo load, weather conditions, mechanical malfunctions, or operator error. Jackknifing can cause a trailer to collide with other vehicles or objects. 


Trucks are heavy and meant to be stable on the road in many conditions, but there are several situations that could result in rollovers. Taking turns too fast, poorly maintained tires, or having unbalanced cargo are some conditions that can cause a truck to fall on its side, which can be devastating to the truck driver and other vehicles on the road. 

Tire Blowout

A flat tire is no fun for anyone, but what is an inconvenience for a car could be devastating for a large truck. Flying debris can cause injuries to vehicles driving along side the truck. In some situations, a blowout can result in a rollover or jackknife accident. 

Over or Underride

Trucks are generally taller than cars, and depending on the size, a car could fit partially under the truck. A truck that rear-ends a car could result in an override, and when a car forcefully rear-ends a truck, it is called an underride. Both are often fatal, and a loved one’s survivors can reach out to a truck accident attorney in San Joaquin to discuss a potential wrongful death claim.

Blind Spots

The larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot. It is difficult for truck drivers to see cars on either side of them, especially those on their right side. This failure to see cars in the other lane can result in poorly timed lane changes, causing accidents to occur. 

Truck Accident Liability

In 2021, approximately 5,700 trucks were involved in fatal accidents, and 117,300 were involved in accidents resulting in injury. Truck accident claims are often more complicated than standard vehicle accidents because they may involve greater damage, higher insurance policy settlement requests, and multiple responsible parties. 

Holding the appropriate parties responsible for your accident can be crucial to your ability to recover the compensation you deserve. Trucking companies and other potentially liable businesses often have deeper pockets and larger insurance policies than individual truck drivers. Though each case is unique, these are a few parties that may share financial responsibility for your accident:

  • The driver of the truck, 
  • The trucking company, 
  • The company that owns the truck, 
  • The third-party cargo loader, 
  • The mechanic responsible for maintaining the truck, 
  • The truck or parts manufacturer, and
  • The municipality responsible for repairing the roadway. 

An experienced truck accident lawyer in San Joaquin can help you determine who you should file your claim against. Just because the liable party has insurance coverage does not mean you will receive a fair settlement offer. It is essential to understand the true value of your claim, regardless of who is responsible. Once you have accepted an insurance settlement offer, you cannot go back and request additional funds. In some cases, filing a lawsuit may be a better option to help you receive the funds you deserve. 

Hiring a San Joaquin Truck Accident Lawyer

California’s personal injury statute of limitations allows truck injury victims two years to file a lawsuit from the date the accident occurred, and it is a good idea to get started as soon as possible. The experienced team at D’Amore Law Group has earned multi-million dollar case results for truck accident victims like you. Attorney Tom D’Amore is board-certified in truck accident law by the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and is not afraid to take on big trucking and insurance companies in pursuit of justice. Contact us to request your case consultation.


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