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D’Amore Law Group is an Oregon personal injury law firm with offices in downtown Portland. If you have been injured and would like to speak with our Portland Personal injury lawyers, you can contact us 24/7 for a free initial consultation.

With all that it has to offer, Portland has become a destination for travelers and transplants in recent years. While this signifies the city’s growth as a hub of culture, business, and outdoor life, it also means that accidents are becoming increasingly common.

Portland personal injury lawyers - wrecked red carHave you been injured in Portland? If so, you are not alone. From car accidents on Capitol Highway, the Hawthorne Bridge, and I-405 to negligence and abuse at local hospitals and nursing homes, we routinely hear from Portland residents and visitors who have suffered severe traumatic injuries.

If you have been injured and someone else is to blame, you deserve just compensation. At D’Amore Law Group, we have been representing injury victims in Portland for more than 25 years. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients (including several awards of over a million dollars), and we provide compassionate, full-service legal representation focused on helping our clients recover as quickly as possible.

As an accident victim, it is important to know where you can turn for help. The insurance companies are not on your side, and not all doctors and attorneys provide the same level of service and professionalism. If you have been severely injured, you could be facing substantial losses. You need to work with a team of professionals who are committed to ensuring your complete recovery.

Professional and Compassionate Portland Personal Injury Attorneys

Portland personal injury attorneys - man in a wheel chairAt D’Amore Law Group, we do everything possible to help our clients. With a team of experienced Portland injury attorneys and office locations throughout Oregon – including one in downtown Portland – we have the skill, reputation, and resources needed to take on the insurance companies and their defense lawyers. Our highly skilled Portland personal injury attorneys provide committed and aggressive legal representation, and we help our clients with everything from finding the best local doctors and experts to making informed decisions about settling or taking their cases to trial.

As our client, we sincerely want what is best for you. All of our attorneys have chosen to practice personal injury law because they care about securing justice for accident victims and their families. Regardless of what happened or who you think may have been to blame, if you have been injured and would like to know more about your rights, we invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation.

“I felt great relief once I began working with D’Amore Law Group. My attorney and the staff members were very friendly and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation and my concerns…. Once they took over my case I was able to focus on my health and healing and not have to deal with anything else…. D’Amore Law Group took a really bad situation and made it better for me.” – M. Wallachy, Portland

“I really appreciate everything D’Amore Law Group did on my case. I can’t tell you how much stress it lifted from my life after I was hurt, and what a relief it was to know that Tom, Emily, and the staff were taking care of things. I couldn’t have asked for better representation.” – A. Ramirez, Portland

Portland Injury Lawyers Serving All Personal Injury Claims

With decades of experience in personal injury settlements and litigation, we have successfully represented clients with virtually all types of traumatic and accident-related injuries. Our highly experienced Portland personal injury attorneys handle all types of personal injury claims in Portland, with particular experience in cases involving:

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Car, Motorcycle or Truck

Motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence in downtown Portland, in the surrounding neighborhoods, and on the local highways. We routinely represent auto accident victims. While most of our cases settle, when necessary, we do not hesitate to go to trial.

  • Car Accidents – We handle cases involving distracted driving, drowsy driving, drunk driving, running red lights and stop signs, merging errors, and all other forms of driver negligence.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – We fight aggressively for riders injured in all types of motorcycle accidents. We can make sure you receive just compensation, and we can help you get back to riding as soon as possible.
  • Truck Accidents – We have the experience needed to handle complex truck accident cases involving 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, garbage trucks, and other large commercial vehicles.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Portland is a pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly city. Unfortunately, this does not mean that local walkers, runners, and cyclists are immune from the consequences of drivers’ mistakes. Pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents will often result in severe injuries, and the victims of these accidents can often face long roads to recovery.

Medication Errors and Other Forms of Medical Malpractice

We have extensive experience in medical malpractice litigation, including cases involving all types of medication errors. We represent clients in cases against all kinds of medical facilities in the Portland area, and we can refer you to a trusted local physician who can accurately diagnose and treat your illness or injury.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of dehydration, malnutrition, improper medication, a traumatic injury, or any other unexplained medical condition, you should seek medical attention immediately. Financial abuse is an all-too-common issue in nursing homes as well. If you have any concerns about your situation, we encourage you to contact us right away.

Sexual Abuse and Assault

Sexual abuse and assault are serious criminal offenses. While prosecution can lead to fines and jail time, a criminal case does nothing to compensate the victim for the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of the assailant’s conduct. If you have been sexually assaulted or abused in Portland, we can pursue all available legal options to help you recover just compensation.

Construction Site Accidents

If you work in construction and you have been injured on the job, filing for workers’ compensation benefits may not be your only source of financial recovery. We represent construction workers in claims against contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and other companies. We can make sure you seek maximum compensation for your job-related injury.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one unexpectedly, it is important that you discuss your family’s options with an experienced attorney. At D’Amore Law Group, we have experience in wrongful death cases involving vehicle collisions, medical mistakes, nursing home abuse, and other fatal accidents.

Answers to FAQs: Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Portland, OR

Q: What is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims involving accidents in Portland?

Oregon’s statute of limitations for most personal injury claims is two years from the date of the accident. However, you must consult with an attorney immediately because other limitation periods for some claims can be very short and you run the risk of your claim being forever barred by the law. In addition, there are special rules for certain types of claims (such as claims for certain forms of medical malpractice) that can extend or restrict the time to file in some circumstances. DON’T JUST RELY ON LIMITATIONS PERIODS WITHOUT CONSULTING AN ATTORNEY.

While you may think that you have time to file your claim, you do not want to wait longer than necessary. Take prompt legal action. Taking legal action promptly will help ensure that you are able to:

  • Fully and properly investigate your claim
  • Obtain all necessary medical treatment
  • Collect the evidence needed to prove liability
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Recover maximum compensation as quickly as possible

Q: What mistakes do I need to avoid?

When you have a personal injury claim, there are several mistakes you need to avoid. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Discussing your case with insurance adjusters, co-workers, friends and neighbors, or on social media
  • Failing to seek a comprehensive diagnosis and follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Returning to work or resuming physical activity too soon
  • Accepting payment from the insurance companies before you know how much you are entitled to recover

During your free initial consultation at D’Amore Law Group, one of our Portland personal injury lawyers will explain everything you need to know about protecting your legal rights.

Q: If I was injured in a vehicle collision, is it okay to contact my insurance company?

Yes. If you have been injured in a vehicle collision, it is okay to contact your insurance company. In fact, you may be required to do so under the terms of your policy. However, once you report the accident, that should be it. You should not agree to give a recorded statement without legal advice, and you should not discuss settlement until you speak with an attorney. At D’Amore Law Group, our Portland personal injury lawyers will handle the entire insurance claims process on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about saying something that could jeopardize your claim.

Q: Will you be able to obtain an insurance settlement on my behalf? If so, for how much?

While the vast majority of auto accident and other personal injury claims settle, we cannot guarantee that the insurance companies will agree to settle your claim. They may or may not offer a fair settlement. If you receive an offer, it will be up to you to decide whether it is enough. However, what we can guarantee is that we will help you avoid unknowingly settling for too little too soon. And if a fair settlement is not on the table, we will be fully prepared to take your case to court.

Q: What do I need to do to get started with my claim?

To get started, you should see a doctor if you haven’t already, and you should contact an attorney to find out if you have a claim for compensation. At D’Amore Law Group, we provide free initial consultations, and our proven Portland personal injury lawyers have decades of experience representing accident victims. We will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your rights. If you decide to hire our firm to represent you, we will begin working immediately to secure your financial recovery.

Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim in Confidence

If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Portland personal injury attorneys, please call (503) 222-6333 or contact us online. You can reach us 24/7. If we are not available immediately, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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