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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Releases First Ranking of Nation’s Poorest Performing Nursing Homes

As reported on the Wall Street Journal’s health blog, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released their first-ever list of the nation’s 54 worst performing nursing homes, designated as “Specialty Focus Facilities.” According to the CMS press release, the purpose of the list is to “provide beneficiaries and their families the information they need when making long-term care choices.”

The nursing homes on the list have been cited for serious deficiences ranging from medication errors, failure to protect residents from falls or from wandering off facility grounds while incapacitated, and failure to provide sound physical, mental or psychological care.

CMS offers families tips on how to choose a good nursing home. Among the tips are:

  • Visit a prospective nursing home. Talk to staff, residents, and other families. Request to see the results from the last state or CMS survey.
  • Prior to a visit, review the survey history of the nursing home on Nursing Home Compare to better understand any areas that may be problematic.
  • Ask the nursing home staff what they are doing to improve the quality of care for residents in the nursing home.
  • Call the state survey agency to learn more about the nursing home. If the facility is in the special focus initiative, find out how long it has participated. Facilities in the program for 18-24 months are either close to “graduating” because of significant improvements to care, or ending their participation in Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Call your local state nursing home ombudsman, Administration on Aging, and local groups to learn more about the nursing home.
  • Consult the Nursing Home Brochure   and Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home.

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