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A mother talking to a lawyer about pediatric malpractice case in Portland.Portland is a great place to raise a family. The people are friendly, there are lots of options for finding work and a comfortable place to live, and there are endless opportunities for enrichment and exploration within a few hours’ drive. From exploring the Oregon Zoo to taking in a basketball game at the Moda Center, to heading out to Mount Hood, there is truly something for everyone in Portland.

Unfortunately, no matter where you live, there are risks. This includes risks for your children. If your child has been injured, your family deserves help, and we encourage you to contact us promptly for a free consultation.

Discuss Your Family’s Legal Rights with a Portland Child Injury Lawyer at D’Amore Law Group

Children have a right to be safe and happy. Unfortunately, there are many ways a defenseless child can be hurt by the negligent actions of others. A seriously injured child will carry the scars of that injury for a lifetime. Physical injuries, especially head or brain injuries, can affect a child’s health and growth in ways a parent cannot anticipate. Know more with the help of our Portland personal injury lawyer.

A child riding a bicycle in a street in Portland.

If your child is hurt, follow the advice of the doctors.

The most important thing you can do is get your child the proper medical care and treatment.

If someone else is at fault for your child’s injury, you may need to file an insurance claim to make sure your child can access the help he or she needs to recover. Injury claims and lawsuits for minors can be complicated. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced Portland pediatric malpractice lawyer.

Child Abuse

Children need and deserve a safe place in the world.  Yet, a shocking number of children are physically or sexually abused in the U.S. every year.

A person who was abused as a child may need physical and psychological care for years. It can take an abuse victim a long time to come to terms with what has happened to them, and to begin the healing process.

Most Common Types of Child Abuse

A child crying because of parents' physical abuse in Portland.Sadly, child abuse can take many forms. Every day, children in Oregon suffer at the hands of violent and predatory adults. It is something that no parent can imagine; but, if your child is a victim, the impacts of child abuse can suddenly become unimaginably real.

At D’Amore Law Group, we represent Portland-area families in personal injury claims involving all forms of child abuse. We handle claims against schools, daycare centers, health care providers, religious institutions, and other entities and individuals involving:

  • Physical Abuse by Family Members
  • Physical Abuse by Caretakers and Other Authoritative Adults
  • Failure to Protect Children from Abuse by Others (Including Inadequate Security)
  • Child Neglect Resulting in Physical or Psychological Trauma
  • Child Sexual Abuse

How D’Amore Law Group Can Help

At D’Amore Law Group, we are passionate about representing families of children who have been neglected and abused. As your attorneys, we will rely on our extensive experience to ensure first and foremost that your child is safe, and then to ensure that your family receives financial compensation for the traumatic and financial impacts of your child’s injuries. Here is what you can expect when you contact us:

  • A Free, No-Obligation Consultation – All of our cases start with a free, no-obligation consultation. We will arrange for you to speak with one of our attorneys in absolute confidence, and you will have the opportunity to decide if our firm is right for you.
  • Clear Advice Regarding Your Family’s Next Steps – At the end of your initial consultation, we will provide you with clear advice with regard to what you need to do next. We will explain how we can help, and we will advise you of the important mistakes you need to avoid.
  • Immediate Legal Action to Protect Your Child as Necessary – If your child is in need of legal protection (e.g., if he or she was abused by a parent who has child custody rights), our attorneys can take immediate legal action to protect your child, as necessary.
  • Close Collaboration with You and Your Family’s Doctor – As we work on your case, we will maintain close contact with you and your family’s doctor to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your child’s trauma and the losses we need to recover.
  • Skilled Advocacy and Unwavering Representation to Secure Just Compensation – Finally, we will do everything possible to secure just compensation for your family. We will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable, and we will work diligently to secure a result that allows your family to move forward as soon as possible.

The pediatric malpractice lawyers and staff at D’Amore Law Group are compassionate and committed to securing justice for injured people in Portland, Vancouver, WA. If you have questions, contact the Portland pediatric malpractice attorney at our firm for a free consultation.

Learn more about helping children who have suffered child abuse at the National Center for Victims of Crime.


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