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What to Expect: Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

Every person’s case is different: this is a general overview of D’Amore Law Group’s process.

1. Choose an experienced, reputable law firm.

Insurance companies often try to settle injury claims quickly, and for the lowest amount possible (See Delay, Deny and Defend). It is in your best interest to have a free consultation with an attorney before accepting any insurance company settlement.

Before you hire an attorney, check attorney review sites like AVVO for reviews from real clients.

 2. Signing a Retainer and Fee Agreement  

When you hire a law firm, you sign paperwork that allows them to investigate your claim and work on your behalf.

At D’Amore Law Group, you also sign a Contingency Fee Agreement.

This means you don’t pay attorneys fees unless we are able to secure a recovery for you, and then our fee is a percentage of the total recovery.

3. Notice of Representation  

Your personal injury attorney will notify the person responsible for your injury, his or her insurance company, and your insurance company, if applicable.

Once you hire a lawyer, the defendant and insurance companies should not contact you directly.

4. Review and Investigation

Your law firm will gather your medical records, your insurance information, and verify any claims for income loss and other damages. Your lawyer needs all of this information to investigate your claim and assess the value.

5. Demand and Negotiation 

After a thorough investigation, your attorney will make a formal demand for settlement from the at-fault party and his or her insurance company.

The insurance company will make a counter-offer for settlement, accept your demand, or deny your claim.

If the insurance company makes an offer you approve, your claim will be settled. If not, your lawyers may have to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

6. Settlement of a Claim

If your attorneys can reach a fair settlement of your claim, you will sign a release that says you accept the settlement and will no longer pursue this claim.

7. Filing a Lawsuit

If your claim does not settle, and you and your injury attorney mutually determine it is in your best interest, a lawsuit will be filed on your behalf.

This is only an overview of the claim process: your case may be different.

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