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A woman with arm injury will call her lawyer after treatment to discuss her personal injury case in Eugene.

While many out-of-town sports fans may think of Eugene as a college town, locals know that Eugene is so much more. In addition to everything that the downtown area has to offer, with its central location on I-5, Eugene residents can get just about anywhere in the Pacific Northwest in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, as a destination for many out-of-towners, and as a stopping point for many people traveling through Oregon, Eugene also sees its fair share of car and truck accidents. With Eugene’s persistent growth, construction accidents are a concern as well, and local residents are not immune to the risks of daily living that exist in towns and cities across America.

Tom D’Amore is the only NBTA board-certified truck accident attorney residing in Oregon.

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of trial advocacy and aiding consumers in their selection of experienced legal representation. To become board-certified, an attorney must meet substantial professional requirements and undergo a peer review process. The organization is led by a board of directors of noted trial lawyers, law professors, and judges. In the state of Oregon, Tom D’Amore is the only attorney who holds certification in truck accident law and maintains an office within the state.

Tom D’Amore is board-certified with the Academy of Truck Accident Lawyers.

The Truck Accident Law Board Certification by the ATAA (Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys) is the first and only board certification in Truck Accident Law in the country that is accredited by the American Bar Association. The certification, which is in partnership with NBTA, is designed to help consumers choose a qualified truck accident lawyer with objectively verifiable credentials. To become certified in Truck Accident Law, lawyers will have to demonstrate a substantial percentage of their practice to trucking litigation, show hands-on experience in multiple truck accident cases and pass a comprehensive written exam.

D’Amore Law Group has the highest semi-trucking accident verdict in Oregon.

D’Amore Law Group obtained a $26.4 million jury verdict in a semi-truck accident case involving wrongful death and catastrophic injuries, making it the highest trucking verdict in Oregon.

With over 30 years of experience and over 2,000 cases handled, D’Amore Law Group has the knowledge and resources to fight insurance companies. Tom D’Amoreis the only resident Board-Certified trucking attorney in Oregon by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Tom treats each one of his clients with compassion, care, and zealous representation.

Have You or a Member of Your Family Been Injured in Eugene, OR?

Experiencing a life-altering injury because of the negligence of another party is a traumatic and trying life event for anyone. Luckily, choosing the right injury law firm to zealously advocate on your behalf doesn’t have to be. The Eugene personal injury attorney at D’Amore Law Group knows first-hand the numerous challenges our clients are dealing with when resolving their personal injury cases. We are here to assist you in rebuilding your life and will work relentlessly to ensure that all of your rights and legal interests are protected at every point in your case. The consequences are just too important to entrust your personal injury claim with any law firm. Since 1994, our firm has offered personally tailored and innovative legal counsel to clients in Eugene and the surrounding communities. Let us use those decades of valuable experience to help you in recovering from your personal injury accident.

The D’Amore Law Group Difference

At D’Amore Law Group, our entire staff is committed to so much more than merely providing our clients with satisfactory legal representation. When you trust us to handle your legal needs, your legal rights and interests are our top priority and we will do everything within our power to ensure you receive the utmost in client service. Whether it’s dealing with insurance company representatives attempting to offer you a sub-par settlement or making sure you get each and every penny of the damages owed to you by a negligent party, our legal team is here to fight for both your present and ongoing interests in and out of the courtroom.

“The lawyers and staff at D’Amore Law Group were able to help me when no one else could. After my injury, I was nervous and scared, but they always took the time to explain things to me and calm my fears. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

– S. ECKER, Florence

Our Expertise

A woman with neck injury in Eugene worried about her medical bills and will look for an attorney for legal assistance.Our founder, Tom D’Amore is a tremendously experienced trial lawyer that has dedicated his entire career to preserving and improving the civil justice system. Over the course of 29 years of legal practice, Tom has garnered a well-deserved reputation amongst insurance companies, industries, and opposing lawyers as a skilled, resourceful, zealous, and professional injury attorney.

Our Eugene personal injury lawyer has years of experience expertly handling countless cases spanning a variety of issues and scenarios. No matter the required nuance or size of your case, you can be sure that the legal team at D’Amore Law Group is fully prepared to provide you with the best legal representation out there. We take pride in doing everything possible so that all of your legal needs are fully met and will work tirelessly to make sure you receive the highest quality legal advice and representation.

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Experienced in a Wide Variety of Injury Cases

D’Amore Law Group strives for excellence in all aspects of our day-to-day business practices. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you need experienced Eugene personal injury attorneys who are ready and willing to listen to your concerns, keep you consistently informed, and assist you through every phase of your case. For decades, we have assisted victims with all types of personal injury issues, ranging from car accidents, aviation disasters, railroad accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation issues. We treat each case with care, respect, and dedication to our clients in order to maximize the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.

D’Amore Law Group’s reputation is directly attributable to the numerous personal injury clients it has advised over the past 25 years. From our founding in 1994, we have countered the efforts of major insurance companies and big corporations who try to take advantage of our clients. We do this in the continual pursuit of justice for the individuals we represent. Our founder boasts a vast degree of litigation experience that sets him apart from other firms in the area. We have an exemplary track record of obtaining successful verdicts for our clients that we take great pride in maintaining on a daily basis. We offer superior representation and comprehensive guidance for a variety of personal injury matters, ranging from traffic accidents to wrongful death claims. We have considerable experience representing clients of all professions and socioeconomic statuses and look forward to addressing your legal needs in a cost-effective, efficient, and skilled manner.

Our Eugene personal injury lawyers represent individuals and families in Eugene who are entitled to financial compensation for:

Auto Accidents

While auto accidents are an everyday occurrence in and around Eugene, coping with the aftermath of a serious accident is far from routine. It can feel as though your life has been turned upside down, and most accident victims are wholly unaware of everything that is involved in recovering financial compensation for their injury-related losses. At D’Amore Law Group, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for auto accident victims throughout Oregon. We know what it takes to win, and we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents can have devastating consequences. If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision with a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle, it is extremely important that you speak with a lawyer, regardless of the circumstances at hand. You may be entitled to a significant financial recovery, but winning your case is likely to prove challenging. Our firm has had success handling these cases, and we can use our experience to hold any and all liable parties accountable for your losses.

Construction Injuries

Working in construction is dangerous. While this should not be the case, construction continues to top the list of Oregon’s most-dangerous occupations every year. Whether you fell, you were hit by a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery, you were struck by a falling object or flying debris, or you were injured in any other type of construction site accident, you deserve just compensation, and our Eugene injury attorneys can represent you in pursuing a just recovery.

Medical Errors

Medical malpractice presents a very real risk for patients who seek treatment in hospitals and doctors’ offices in and around Eugene. This is not an issue that is specific to Eugene; rather, it is a nationwide issue that accounts for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Diagnostic errors, medication errors, surgical errors, and other forms of malpractice are all alarmingly common, and patients who fall victim to medical mistakes will often experience substantial physical, psychological, and financial harm.

Child Injury and Sexual Abuse

Sadly, another pervasive issue in the United States is the issue of child abuse. This includes child sexual abuse. No child deserves to be made a victim. If you are the parent of a child who has been abused, you can – and should – take legal action on your child’s behalf. At D’Amore Law Group, we handle all types of child abuse and child sexual abuse personal injury claims on behalf of families in Eugene and throughout Oregon.

We Are Here to Help You Recover Just Compensation

An injured woman discussing her personal injury case with her attorney in Eugene.After a vehicle collision, fall, or any other type of serious accident, your losses can begin to pile up quickly – and they can continue to pile up for years, if not the rest of your life. This makes seeking just compensation critically important, and it means you need to work with an experienced Eugene personal injury attorney to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

There are several questions that must be answered in order to determine what constitutes “just” compensation for an accident victim’s injuries. When you choose D’Amore Law Group to handle your personal injury claim in Eugene, our attorneys will work diligently to determine the answers to questions such as:

  • Who (or what company) was legally at fault in the accident? Were multiple parties at fault?
  • Is the at-fault party (or are the at-fault parties) insured?
  • Could you be blamed for playing a role in the accident?
  • What is the extent of your physical injuries?
  • Have you suffered psychological or emotional trauma?
  • How much will it cost to treat your injuries and conditions in the future? How much will you need to cover your prescriptions and other medical expenses?
  • Will you experience chronic pain as a result of your injuries?
  • How long will you be unable to work?
  • In what other ways will your accident-related injuries impact your life?

By taking a comprehensive approach to proving fault and calculating our clients’ losses, and by aggressively pursuing just compensation from the insurance companies, we are able to settle the vast majority of our clients’ cases out of court. When we represent you, we will seek to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf as quickly as possible. However, a key factor, that sets us apart from many other personal injury law firms, is that we are fully prepared to litigate our clients’ cases when necessary. If despite being presented with clear evidence of liability, the insurance companies still refuse to negotiate fairly, our Eugene injury lawyers will take your case to court and fight to win just compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have to File a Eugene Personal Injury Claim?

In most cases, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. This two-year period is known as a statute of limitations. If you file a claim after the two-year statute of limitations has run, you risk the court dismissing your case. So, while filing a lawsuit may not be at the front of your mind given everything else you are dealing with, it is important to reach out to a Eugene personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your right to file a claim.

What Goes into an Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Most Eugene personal injury cases settle before going to trial. When an insurance company extends a settlement offer, it considers two things,

  1. The chance of success at trial; and
  2. The size of the award a jury may return if they find the insurance company financially liable.

It is crucial to keep these two things in mind when preparing a personal injury case. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you secure a more favorable settlement agreement. For example, an attorney will know the type of documentation an insurance company wants to see and how to present the information in a compelling manner. Additionally, having an attorney represent you indicates to the insurance company that you are serious about your case.

Should I Sue or Settle?

In most cases, a settlement is preferable to a trial. Indeed, most personal injury claims end at the settlement table, not in court. Nevertheless, you might still have to file a lawsuit as a matter of strategy. You might need to gain access to evidence that the defendant holds, for example, and filing a lawsuit allows you to seek a court order compelling the defendant to provide this evidence or face sanctions.

Alternatively, you might simply seek to pressure the defendant into issuing a serious settlement offer. Don’t forget that you can settle with the defendant even after a trial is underway, any time until the final verdict. Judges, eager to trim their crowded dockets, typically encourage both parties to settle.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

It’s impossible to say how long it will take to settle your claim without knowing the details of your individual case. Even with this knowledge, there are many variables. If your claim is straightforward, your evidence is strong, and the insurance company is cooperative, it could take a month or less. On the other hand, in a worst-case scenario, you might need years to settle your claim. The average claim needs at least a few months to settle. In general, the larger your claim, the longer you need to settle it.

Wouldn’t It Be Cheaper to Negotiate with the Insurance Company on My Own?

Not likely. Insurance company attorneys are professional negotiators with a thousand different tricks. In addition, they probably understand Oregon personal injury law better than you do. Make no mistake about itーonce you file a claim, the insurance company is your adversary.

Retaining a lawyer is likely to increase the amount of your eventual settlement enough to more than makeup for any amount you spend in attorney fees. The Eugene personal injury lawyers at D’Amore Law Firm serve clients in many practice areas of personal injury law.

No Fee Unless We Win

Many accident victims worry about the cost of hiring a Eugene personal injury lawyer. At D’Amore Law Group, we take this concern out of the equation. You pay nothing – absolutely nothing – unless we win your case. We take cases we believe we can win, and we stake our practice on securing favorable results for our clients.

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Get in touch with our experienced and caring Eugene personal injury lawyer today. We offer a complimentary and confidential initial case analysis. Our experienced attorneys also handle other cases including trucking accidents and wrongful death claims. Call us toll-free or contact  D’Amore Law Group online to experience first-hand our unparalleled legal services that can make all the difference in your personal injury matter.


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