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Good Deeds

Besides, Good Deeds frequently assists with donated goods and services from local small businesses often by distributing food, household items, providing free car and home repairs, and organizing holiday giving every year.

End Distracted Driving (

The core mission of End Distracted Driving——is to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education, and action.

To further this goal, safety advocates volunteer their time to talk to schools and civic groups about the serious dangers of distracted driving.

These educational, informative and inspiring talks present the sobering statistics of distracted driving, share true stories of the costs, and offer simple steps to become better, safer drivers.

By the end of 2013, nearly 200,000 people in more than 40 states will have participated in the EndDD program. EndDD is supported by the Casey Feldman Foundation, a non-profit organization started by trial lawyers who suffered the loss of their daughter in a distracted driving crash.

The attorneys at D’Amore Law Group have seen distracted driving cause motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injury. To help keep this from happening to others, attorneys at D’Amore Law Group have given interactive presentations to students and educators across Oregon to discuss awareness and prevention of distracted driving.

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank has been fighting hunger in Oregon and Clark County, Washington for 3 decades.

Despite its humble beginnings Oregon Food Bank has developed into a formidable organization that today distributes food through a Statewide Network of 21 Regional Food Banks almost 1000 partner agencies serving the entire state of Oregon and Clark County, Washington

In addition to raising money for this reputable Oregon institution, the attorneys and staff at D’Amore Law Group have spent time volunteering at the local food centers.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is a non-profit human services agency serving communities throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. They provide a wide variety of services to children, adults, adolescents, schools, businesses, neighborhoods and communities.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest maintains several community-based programs geared towards helping people that struggle with addiction, children in need, refugees, and immigrants that need help with transitioning to their new communities.

Additionally, Lutheran Community Services Northwest runs community programs aimed at helping seniors, people with disabilities and victims of crime.

The D’Amore Law Group has been providing aid to refugees applying for American citizenship since 2011.

Safe Kids Oregon

Safe Kids Oregon is the Oregon State chapter of the world’s first international organization dedicated exclusively to the prevention of childhood injury – Safe Kids Worldwide.

Safe Kids Oregon works on promoting changes in behavior attitudes and the environment to reduce the risk of childhood injury.

Through a statewide network of organizations, Safe Kids Oregon provides free injury prevention information, activities, safety devices aimed at helping local communities prevent childhood injuries.

Safe Kids Oregon brings together parents, businesses, health and safety experts as well as volunteers to educate and protect children and their families

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the well-being and health of children.

There are more than 360 Ronald McDonald’s Houses around the world that serve as a free place to stay for families with hospitalized children providing more than 7,000 bedrooms to families around the world.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & Southwest Washington are not only helping keep families together while receiving hospital treatment, but also investing a significant amount of resources into fundraising and raising awareness.

Attorneys and staff at D’Amore Law Group support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & Southwest Washington through volunteering.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest and the biggest charitable organizations in the United States. It operates more than 7,500 centers in communities across the United States and internationally.

With more than a million members the Salvation Army runs programs and services that help families, children, veterans, and the elderly.

From rehabilitation and veterans services to housing services and hunger relief for children and families, the Salvation Army is fighting poverty and hunger in thousands of communities in the US.

At D’Amore Law Group we share this vision, and our attorneys and staff support the Salvation Army in our community.

Brain Injury Association

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is the largest and oldest brain injury advocacy and support organization.

Founded in 1981 in Massachusetts The Brain Injury Association of America is dedicated to advancing awareness, supporting research, and improving the lives of all individuals impacted by brain injury.

The Brain Injury Association Of America devotes a significant amount of resources to advocacy affairs and government affairs, both on Capitol Hill and in Oregon.

Attorneys and staff at D’Amore Law Group understand the challenges individuals affected by brain injury face every day.

Catholic Youth Organization

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is a Roman Catholic youth organization dedicated to reinforcing and promoting sound human and social values through sports.

Catholic Youth Organization’s mission is to provide youth with opportunities to build their self-worth and become valuable members of society, regardless of their religion, race or nationality.

Besides recreational activities, CYO organizes social and cultural events.

Our firm’s founder, Tom D’Amore was a volunteer football and basketball coach through the Catholic Youth Organization.

Lake Oswego's Women's Club

Lake Oswego’s Women’s Club is a local nonprofit organization founded in 1974 by a group of women devoted to building a stronger community.

LOWC welcomes women from Lake Oswego and neighboring communities regardless of nationality, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or marital status.

In addition to supporting local nonprofit organizations through fundraising, Lake Oswego’s Women’s Club awards scholarships to college-bound youth who have demonstrated a continued commitment to community service.

D’Amore Law Group shares these values and often participates in fundraisers organized by Lake Oswego’s Women’s Club.

The Emerson School

The Emerson School is a non-profit public school in Portland, Oregon dedicated to equity for all students. The school was founded in 2003 by parents and educators who are passionate about experiential learning.

Besides their dedication to providing students with comprehensive education, The Emerson School uses the community as an extension of the classroom.


P:ear is a Portland based non-profit organization that helps homeless youth by building positive relationships through education, art, and recreation. Every year P:ear serves 900 young people through its various programs.

P:ear provides safe spaces, educational and art programs, as well as a bike mechanic and barista training programs.

The National Center For Victims Of Crime

The National Center For Victims Of Crime is a nonprofit organization that fights for the rights of victims of crime.

This organization is committed to securing resources for victims of crime by advocating for increases in federal and state funding for victim services.

The Center organizes national conferences that act as a forum for victim services and criminal justice professionals, researchers, and regulators to share valuable insights and collaborate on new projects.

The National Center For Victims Of Crime provides resources and training in the area of DNA forensics through their DNA Resource Center.

Additionally, The Center has developed resources for victims of stalking and youth victims of crime.

Foster Parents Night Out (FPNO)

Foster Parents Night Out is a unique program, started in Oregon that provides consistent respite care to DHS (Department of Human Services) foster parents.

FPNO is a non-profit organization started in 2006 in Salem, Oregon. Local churches host FPNO so that foster parents can have a night off, while trained volunteers care for their foster, adopted, and biological children.

Being a foster parent is a rewarding yet difficult responsibility that requires physical and emotional stamina. So much time is spent caring for the children in their home, that little time or energy is left to care for themselves. Foster Parents’ Night Out provides DHS foster parents time to enjoy a much deserved and regularly scheduled break.


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